Our History

The History of the open busses in Barbados go back to the early 1900 when the transport movement was at its beginning. The Naked chassis were shipped from England for the body of the bus to be erected by Barbadian wood craftsmen. Each bus was slightly different and as the time passed a common open bus look began to emerge. The expansion of the bus routes caused the demise of the barbados railway in 1937 and it was at this time that the rapid expansion of the bus companies occurred. At one time there were 14 bus companies on the island each company focussed on a specific area of the island. 


These open busses were the form of travel across the island and many Barbadians have such fond memories of travelling in these open air busses when life was a little less fast paced. 


In 1955 the bus fleet was nationalised with the exception of the Elite bus company and the rocklyn bus company. This continued until the 1970’s at which time the government acquired these last two remaining operators.


In the early 1990’s, Banks Brewery lovingly restored an original Rocklyn bus – much to the delight of many barbadians. In February of 2013 the Foster Ince Group arranged to take over the original open bus and restored this once again to an iconic experience offering tours to the public in this unique Barbadian form of transport. 


By Late 2013 the Foster & Ince team took the decision to build a replica of the original bus and this then started a steady production of the busses to the open bus fleet that we have today. 


Today the Bajan busses have once again become popular and the Open busses are seen taking so many fun loving people around this beautiful island. Picnics, bus tours, Rum shop pub hops are just some of the fun times to be had.